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If you are exploring the land of beautiful horses, you can start with frequently asked questions about Cappadocia:


1. What Top Attractions Are  Must-See in Cappadocia? 

Pasabag Valley

➢ Dervent (Imagination) Valley

Avanos Pottery Workshop

Goreme Open Air Museum 

Ihlara Canyon 

Derinkuyu Underground City 

Selime Monastery 

Pigeon Valley 

2. What Are The Best Tours in Cappadocia? 

There are many ways to explore the vast landscape of Cappadocia, but three most popular  ways are through the Green Tour , Red Tour and Hot Air Baloon Tour 

Red Tour : 

Though the red tour has some iconic landmarks as well, such as the Goreme Open-Air  Museum 

Green Tour : 

On the green tour, visitors can see some of the most well-known sights in Cappadocia, such  as Derinkuyu Underground City, Ihlara Valley, and Selime Monastery.  

Hot Air Baloon Tour

For this tour, you will be in a hot air balloon for a maximum of 16 people. It is an ideal tour  to discover the colorful spirit of Cappadocia with the view of all the fairy chimneys at sunrise 

Join this special flight in a Hot Air Balloon near Göreme and marvel at the uniquely shaped  formations, one of Cappadocia's most spectacular sights. 

Other tours to choose from: 

Salt Lake &Caravanserai Tour 

Camel Ride Tour in Cappadocia 

ATV Tour in Cappadocia                  

3. What Are The Best Tours To Do in Cappadocia With Kids? 

From Nevsehir : Hot Air Balloon Ride with Hotel Transfer 

Goreme : Cappadocia Jeep Safari 

Cappadocia : Secrets Day Tour

Cappadocia : Zipline, Jetboat, and Safari Tour with Box Lunch 

From Cappadocia : Erciyes (Argaeus) Mountain Ski Tour 

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4. What Are The Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Cappadocia? 

Cappadocia : Sunset ATV Tour 

Cappadocia : Sunset Quad Safari 

Full-Day Cappadocia Red Plus Tour 

Cappadocia : Camel Safari 

Quad Safari through the Sword, Love & Rose Valleys 

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5. What Are The Best Deals And Discounts On Activities And Attractions in Cappadocia? 

Cappadocia : Sunset ATV Tour 

Cappadocia : Hot Air Balloon Tour with Light Breakfast 

Full-Day Cappadocia Blue Tour with a Small Group 

Sunset Horse Riding Tour 

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6. What Are The Most Popular Museums And Exhibitions İn Cappadocia? 

Goreme Open Air Museum  

Underground City 

Uchisar Castle

Devrent Valley 

Paşabağı Valley 

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7. What Are The Best Activities in Cappadocia? 

Join the Balloon Tour and Watch All Phases of the Fairy Chimneys from the sky and  Discover the Colorful spirit of Cappadocia with its birth. 

Do not return without joining the green or red tour

See Underground Cities 

Take a Full Moon Walk in Güllüdere Valley 

Join Free Pottery Workshop in Avanos 

Take a Photo at Galerie Ikman 

Take a Nature Walk in Güvercinlik Valley 

Camp Against Kizilcukur Valley 

Have Breakfast in Balloons 

Take a Gondola Tour on Kızılırmak 

Watch the Mapping Show Reflected on Fairy Chimneys

Dinner at Restaurants Carved from Rocks 

Learn How to Make Wine at Wineries and Taste Wine 

Watch Colorful Balloons at Sunrise 

Sunset the Day in Kızılçukur Valley 

See the Gigantic Stone Sculptures of Andrew Rogers 

Join the Cappadox Festival 

Join the vintage 

Pedal at the Cappadocia Bicycle Festival See the Hair Museum Selected as One of the  Strangest Museums in the World Watch the Amazing Sunset Colors Reflected in  Erciyes from Uçhisar Castle 

Experience a Pop-Up Picnic at Sunset 

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8. How to get to Cappadocia?

If you are asked how to get to Cappadocia, there are 4 answers :  Transportation by plane, bus, train and private vehicle.

   a) Transportation to Cappadocia by Plane

You have two options to reach Cappadocia by plane. fly directly to the second Kayseri Airport and the second Nevşehir Airport. The second, which will depart an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes after Istanbul, departs directly from the city.

   b) Transportation to Cappadocia by Bus

We can reach any place we can reach by bus. If you have enough time in Cappadocia and are predictable in the city, one of these will be suitable. Take a bus to Nevşehir for food, service or taxi to Cappadocia.

   c) Transportation by Train: Transportation to Kayseri train station; You can go to Cappadocia from here. The distance is too short.

   d) Private Vehicle Transportation

You can reach the land of beautiful horses by exploring Cappadocia, one of the more beautiful routes known for their proximity, with not very long car journeys.

e) Highlights in Transportation in Cappadocia

Unfortunately, public transportation is not developed in Cappadocia, although there are minibuses, it is more convenient to go there by taxi, but taxi is cheaper.

You can be sure that you will not have any problems getting to Cappadocia from the airport, bus station or Kayseri train station.

You can rent a car or a central car from the airport.

Shuttle service is available from small city centers: When making your hotel reservation in Cappadocia, do not forget to keep your attention.

9. When to go to Cappadocia?

      All seasons are suitable for going to Cappadocia. Summer, winter and spring will fascinate you as you can see the                beauties you love and different seasons offer. While the snow falling in winter covers everywhere, the fairy chimneys coming out of them will give a different image. While witnessing the awakening of nature with flowers blooming in spring, you will be amazed by the change of the city, which is painted orange in autumn. This city attracts people in every season, makes them fall in love every season!

      If you are going to be in Cappadocia in spring or summer, we recommend you to pack a suitcase considering the temperature. Have sunscreen, a hat, lip balm, and sunglasses on your “must” list. The benefit of the continental climate is that while it is hot during the day, it is cold at night. We recommend that you take your long-sleeved clothes with you in order not to get cold in the evening while it is burning from the sun during the day.

      Do not forget that it is very cold in the winter season, we recommend that you bring underwear along with your belongings such as hats and scarves. There are mini pads that heat up on their own when they come into contact with the air in stores selling grooming supplies. For those who are very cold, it will be comfortable to put them in boots or coats.

      We recommend that you take comfortable walking shoes with you as there will be plenty of walking. Campers or action planners; Don't forget your flashlights and water bottles.

10. What are the Important Cappadocia Advices?

1- If you are going in winter, it is very cold, definitely buy very thick clothes. The average time to stay outside in winter is 15-20 minutes (of course, different if you say you are very resistant to cold)

2- Try to stay in stone houses. Even if it costs a little more, it will be worth it. (One of the most important recommendations of the Cappadocia travel guide)

3- If you are looking for a ticket to go to Cappadocia, there are some things you should pay attention to. We said that the city is built on a large area. Don't forget to rent a car to reach the city and travel comfortably.

4- Balloon tours are very early, so come prepared, even if you don't do a balloon tour, set your alarm before sunrise and watch the balloons in the sky mingle with the light of the day.

5- You will be walking a lot between places to visit in Cappadocia and in the city, make sure to take sports shoes with you.

6- Sunsets are perfect, so make a separate program for each sunset; regions suggested by Elephant Gezi for sunset: Kizilcukur Valley, Uchisar Castle and Asiklar Hill

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